Whether it's by hiring a private taxi or riding on a collectivo (Hiace), the road trip to Tarrafal from Praia or Assomada is in itself rewarding. Be sure to travel during the daylight hours in order to be able to see the beautiful scenery. 

Rua dos Correios

Tarrafal, Santiago, Cabo Verde





Farmacia Tarrafal

CV Movel


(Post Office)


Colletivo Option

500 CVE per seat taken

Available only between 9:00 and 17:30

Walk, take a bus, or taxi to Sucupira, more specifically the "Paragem de Tarrafal"

From there, you will get in the van marked "Tarrafal" that is in the front of the line (closest to the rotunda). You will need to wait there until it is full (usually takes 0-45 minutes). 

Once you leave, you will be on a 90 minute journey through the interior of Santiago passing through Assomada. Make sure you do not get off at Assomada (which is about half of the way). The way you know you are in Tarrafal is when the road changes from asphalt to a rocky road. The road material switches right about where the Tarrafal resistence musuem (concentration camp) is. At this point, tell the driver that you will be stopping at "Pontu D'Nkontru". If the driver is new, he may not know this location and you can further describe it as "Pensao, na riba de Asa Branca". 

Taxi Option

Starting at 5,000-6,000 CVE during the day and 7,000-8,000 during the night

Available anytime

Take a taxi from anywhere in Praia and tell them that you want to go to Tarrafal. Since many taxi drivers are not familiar with the hostel, once you get to Tarrafal, ask them to take you to the Correios (it's a red post office). The hostel is beside the post office. We're between CV Telecom and Farmacia Tarrafal, facing the Parque das Merendas and Mercado Municipal .