Booking Options & Hostel Policies

To take advantage of the 10% discount (NON-REFUNDABLE) rate, follow the steps below: 

1) click the the above link "Check Availability" to reserve your room and stay period

2) click the below link "Add to Cart" to prepay for your first night using Paypal


Buy a gift card using the "Adopt A Hostel" GiftUp link to the right--->

It must be a value that is equal to or more than the first night of your stay


The 10% discount will also be applied to the remaining days of your stay at the time of check in. This discount only applies to reservations made using the above link. Reservations made on 3rd party booking channels like, Hostelworld, Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor ect will not qualify for this discount. This rate is not refundable by any means. 

Non-refundable Rates
Date of Arrival (DD/MM/YYYY)

If you need more information before reserving, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience ! 


We accept the following credit cards at check-in: 


Q.     Are there any reservation cancellation fees ?

Unless you have already paid in advance for your rooms, there is no way we can physically collect a cancellation fee ( does not provide us with your credit card details).

Cancellations made a day before check-in may qualify for a refund of any monies prepaid. This is subject to managment approval and not guaranteed.

If more than one room was reserved or the reservation date is during a holiday or festival timeframe, there is a higher chance that we will NOT refund you as we have suffered a greater risk by blocking rooms that most likely will not be reserved last-minute. 

If you are a Cape Verdean resident who has cancelled with us in the past, we reserve the right to require a full-prepayment in order to guarantee your next reservation. If you cancel or fail to show once more, we will not refund any prepaid monies and may deny future reservation requests made by you. 

Q.    Do you require a security or damage deposit? 

We normally do not require any damage deposits upfront. However, if we feel there is a higher risk of damage (for example, a large group of people, many small children, or stays during a festival timeframe) we may request a deposit. It will be returned as long as all of the hostel spaces are left in the same condition they were rented to you.

We may take a security deposit for any equipment we rent to you. Once the equipment is returned in the same condition it was rented, we will refund you this security deposit. If the item is damaged, lost, or stolen, you will be held responsible for any associated costs. 

Q.     May I invite other people to my room/dormitory ?

Only those who are listed on the reservation AND have appeared during the check-in period are allowed to stay in the hostel. If any other people are invited without the staff's consent, the hostel staff will remove everyone in violation, including those who have paid for the reservation. Any monies pre-paid will not be refunded. We take the safety and security of our guests very seriously. This policy is strictly monitored and enforced. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. Authorities may also be called if deemed necessary

Hostel Policy on Paid

Charges & Tourism Tax

Rates normally stay the same but may be subject to change during the change of a touristic season. All reservations must be paid for, entirely, at the time of check-in. Refunds are not promised. 

Breakfast is not included in the standard rate. It is an additional 300 CVE per person, per day. It is not provided on-site. It is provided across the street at the Parque das Merendas by a 3rd party vendor. The hostel is not held liable for the quality/service from this vendor. Breakfast is only refundable if not ordered.

Per the Ministerio de Turismo de Cabo Verde:

All Individuals (including nationals and residents) must pay 220 CVE per person, per night, in tourism tax. They will be subject to this tax for the first 10 consecutive days in the hostel. This tax is non-negotiable and highly monitored. It's already included in the price. 

 Additional Charges

  • Check-Out By or Before 11 am: 0 CVE
  • Check-Out Between 12 pm & 5 pm: 500 CVE
  • Check-Out After 5 pm: additional standard room rate

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